For fun…

I grew up in Portland, Texas.  I’m a proud graduate of East Cliff Elementary (where this photo was taken) and Gregory-Portland High School.young wendy  Go Wildcats!  I’ve also lived in San Marcos, Austin, and Corpus Christi, Texas (my heart will always be in Texas); Gambier, Ohio (brrrr!); and Decatur, Georgia.

My husband is an economist and the chair of the Political Science, International Development, and International Affairs Department at Southern Miss (Ward Sayre), my daughter is a sophomore in college, and my son is a junior at Hattiesburg High School.


Thanksgiving 2014

I like to run, knit, watch movies, walk my dogs (Sara and Bennie), and scratch the heads of my cats (Lexi and Rami).

My second marathon (Vermont).  Don't I look

My second marathon (Vermont). Don’t I look “happy” at the end?

Our animal friends keep us very busy.  All of them come from the Southern Pines Animal Shelter, so who really knows “what” they are.  As best we know, though, Bennie is a terrier mix and Sara is a cockapoo.  The kittens are just a mess–brothers and friends.





The kittens

The kittens

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