Honors Oral Communication (CMS 111H)

This is an active learning, Civil Rights-themed course.  You’ll not only learn how to be a better speaker, you will do so while studying one of the greatest rhetoric-driven social movement examples.  We will read about public speaking (using the Art of Public Speaking text) and the movement (using the Eyes on the Prize text), give several speeches, and travel to Civil Rights locations near (Hattiesburg) and far (Birmingham).

Course syllabus

CMS 111H syllabus Spring 14

Course readings


Art of Public Speaking (Lucas)
Eyes on the Prize (Williams)


King speech
Universal Declaration of Human Rights
Barnett speech
Douglass speech
Cuomo speech
Obama speech
Malcolm X speech

Optional readings:

Story of the Civil Rights Movement
Interesting collection of primary documents (speeches, statements, etc.)
Eyes on the Prize web site

Course assignments


Introductory speech (ungraded)
Informative speech
Self-evaluation/self-critique (forms below)

Self Critique #1 (informative speech)
Self Critique 2 (persuasive speech)

Persuasive speech
Tribute speech
Video project
Final Speech

Grading information (what I use to grade speeches):

Informative speech critique
Persuasive speech critique
Tribute speech critique

Support for the assignments:

Make a Speaking Center visit here.


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