Capstone Experience (CMS 493+450)

Spring 2015 Capstone Class

Spring 2015 Capstone Class

The idea behind the capstone course is to pull together all of your previous communication coursework and allow you to reflect on what you have learned as a major. At the same time, this particular capstone will afford you the opportunity to take those communication concepts and see them in action while participating in a community-based internship activity. The general idea for the class is to take your knowledge of communication into the community—observe, reflect, and propose a solution. At the same time, the community experience will challenge your understanding of communication.

This course must be taken alongside the designated CMS 450 section for capstone (1 hour CMS 493+3 hours of CMS 450 with me).

Syllabus:  CMS 450-493 syllabus spring 2016

Course assignments:

Below, you will find two examples of final group project write-ups (used with the permission of the former students).  There are extra sections in the final version, so you can ignore that for now.  Do notice how they set up the project and incorporate sources into the proposal.  Please feel free to use headers to set off the parts of the report (as indicated in the assignment write up).  I’d prefer that the sections be clear than having it read like a paper.

Extra Table project:  Fontenette and Self

Edwards Street project:  Foster, Jones, McWhorter, Miller

Below, you will find two examples of final research papers (used with the permission of the former students).  I have included my comments on these papers so that you can see the suggested changes.

Miller paper

McWhorter paper

Fontenette paper

Community partners for service work

Grading resources


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